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Main : Love

Love is Circle
  by: Manny Feldman, Source Unknown

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Love is a circle, coming back to you,
When your love is given, with a heart that's true.

Love is a circle, going up then down,
Reaching to the heavens. returning to ground.

Love is a circle, take my hand, my friend,
Love is a circle, love will never end.

Love is a circle, setting people free,
Love is a circle, love is you and me.

Love, once it is given, has no end,
Circling forever thru all time.
Bringing love wherever man may be,
Going on for all eternity.

-- by Manny Feldman

The above portion of the poem "Love Is a Circle" comes from a gift given to me from a dear friend, Kris. God has manifested His love to me personally in many different ways. I am blessed with a husband, beautiful family, and many wonderful friends.

One of these friends is from my past. Kris is that one person who left an indelible mark upon my life. Because of circumstances, too long and involved to mention at this juncture; we lost track of each other. She disappeared from her existing family and friends.

For ten years, I prayed, I searched, and hoped that one day; Kris would contact her family. Finally, right before Christmas three years ago, with one last prayer, I received my answer. It was the best Christmas present I could have ever received. I received a letter from Kris's parents saying that Kris had been in contact with them and that she was doing well. I cannot describe the intense joy I felt at the time and do to this day in hearing in the good news.

Of course, that was only part of the answer. I would have loved to hear from her directly, but that was not to be.

As the poem says, love is a circle, but that circle can take many directions. A year or so later, I believe I found the rest of my answer. God, in his infinite wisdom and love, gave me another Chris. This time in the form of a young man who needed a family. It was like God had given me an answer, but in an unpredictable form. He gave me another friend, not to replace, but to add to my own personal circle of love.

Written by Ruth Mack --- South Dakota

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