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Main : Love : Fathers-Children

Kisses to Heaven
  by: Lynelle Dawson, , Source Unknown

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Sending kisses to Heaven for my Daddy so far.
I will send them to you upon a gossamer star...
And like an angel's wings on air will they glide and soar,
Not stopping 'til they reach you, ne'er a moment before.

No presents will I wrap, for my kisses are enough,
To let my Daddy know how every day he's thought of.
You know I love you and I am your baby so fair...
And I want you to know how I always feel you there.

When I awake in the morn, I'm reminded each day...
Of the mornings you woke me in your own special way.
Each night as I lay my head on my pillow to sleep,
I remember my promises to you I must keep.

So Daddy, for your special day, cup each strong hand...
To catch my kisses as they waft to you from o'er the land.
My kisses; wet with tears and warmed by my love so true...
Are coming to Heaven...special delivery for you.

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