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One Rose for Bessie
by: T. Lynn, TLYNN Poems

She she heard a light tapping on her door.
Taking a minute, Bessie slowly shuffled across the floor.
Years had crept in and aches and pains now Bessie's lot.
As she remembered, days gone by, she became lost in thought.
Years have passed away since Bessie met her own true love.
It was a moon lit night and all the stars were out above.
They began to dance and as they danced the night away,
This dashing young man reserved a date for the next day.
For several weeks, Joe and Bessie become an intimate pair.
They were young and free thinking they didn't have a care.
One day Joe told Bessie he had to leave town for a while.
He kissed her tenderly and said good-bye with a big smile.
Joe was to return, at which time they planned to wed.
Joe did not return and Bessie's heart felt crushed instead.
Days turned into months and many months turned into years.
Days she spent in sorrow with the shedding of some tears.
Joe had a mental breakdown but he did not say a word.
After Joe recovered, he knew his words would not be heard.
He didn't want to burden her with fears of a relapse.
He worried in the future fear would cause love to collapse.
Joe showed his love for many years by sending one red rose.
He sent it every Monday morning so the story goes.
This was Monday morning as she shuffled to the door.
Expecting one red rose, just like all the weeks before.
Instead she found a rose and its color was pure white.
With a note attached that said; "Joe died quietly last night."

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