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Genius Tailor, The
by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

It seems that a man had gone to the tailor to have a suit made cheaply, but when the suit was finished and he went to try it on, it didn't fit him at all.

Complaining that the jacket was too big in back, the right arm was too long, one pant leg was too short and three buttons were missing, the man was justifiably upset.

"No problem," said the tailor, "just hunch your back, bend your arm, walk with a limp, and stick your fingers through the button holes and you'll look just fine!"

The man contorted his body to fit the suit and feeling duped by the tailor, he left. He had not walked one block when he was approached by a stranger.

"Who made that suit for you?" asked the stranger. "I'm in the market for a new suit myself."

Surprised, but pleased at the compliment, the man pointed out the tailor's shop.

"Well, thanks very much," said the stranger, hurrying off. "I do believe I'll go to that tailor for my suit. Why, he must be a genius to fit a cripple like you."

Funny? But what if I tell you that it's exactly what our school and education system did to us.

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