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Nasrudin Steals the Happiness
by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

Nasrudin saw a man sitting dispiritedly at the side of the road. And asked him what troubled him.

"There is nothing of interest in life, my brother," said the man.

"I have sufficient capital in order that I don't have to work, and I am only on this trip in order to seek something more interesting and entertaining than the life I have at home."

"So far I haven't found it!"

Without another word, Nasrudin seized the travelers knapsack and made off down the road with it, running like a rabbit. Since he knew the area, he was easily able to out distance him

The road curved, and Nasrudin cut across several switchbacks, with the result that he was soon back on the road, well ahead of the man he had just robbed.

He put the knapsack by the side of the road and waited for the distressed traveler to show up.

Presently the miserable man appeared, following the tortuous road, more unhappy than ever because of his loss.

As soon as he saw his property lying there, by the side of the road, he ran towards it, shouting with joy.

"That's one way of producing happiness," said Nasrudin.

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