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For the Littlest Angel and Her Grandma
by: Mike Pratt, Source Unknown

I wish I could set foot into her small little place,
To savor her emotions, to understand her small face.
I wish I could feel her excitement and joy,
Opening her very first present, her first Christmas toy.
I wish I could hear, what she dreams of at night,
Can she see through the darkness and into the light?
I wish I could smell, the shampoo in her hair,
It reminds me of her; always here everywhere.
I wish I could hold her hand through the day,
Protect and watch her, as she continues to play.
I wish I could take, all the pain of her sorrow,
For if only a day, maybe in to tomorrow.
I wish I could be, the father in her dreams,
Wiping away her tears, subsiding her screams.
I wish she could feel the love all around,
To hear the notes of love make a beautiful sound.
I wish I could borrow, her grace and her smile,
To relive a child's life, if only for awhile.
I wish I could recall, the memories gone by,
To savor the moments, 'til time comes to die.
I wish I could live, in her time and her space,
To understand a child's role, to find ones own place.
I wish I could grieve, to act as her tears,
To save her the pain, over so many years.
I wish she could see my favorite color of blue.
It's the blue in her eyes that reminds me of you.
I wish my grandmother, could have seen what I do,
It's my daughter singing out, Daddy I Love You.
I wish my mother, her beauty and her grace,
Could understand my love, she's showed me my place.
I wish my Mom could see, what I do each day,
My daughters an actress, in the worlds greatest play.
I wish she could see, how she's turned out to be,
A replica of her, grown right from the tree.
I wish in my life, this dream to come true,
That she follow your steps, remain just like you

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