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Cassie Bernall
by: Tom LeClerc, Source Unknown

As details come forth of that fateful Tuesday in Littleton, the world will not soon forget high school student, Cassie Bernall.

Cassie will be remembered for saying only one word -- a word that will be used forever to illustrate the courage and compassion of a young girl confronted with a choice between love and hate, good and evil.

When the gunman asked her, "Do you believe in God?"

A frightened Cassie said, "Yes."

And then she was murdered.

Cassie Bernall, an innocent teenage girl who never imagined being caught in such a horrific circumstance, will be remembered in history as a modern day martyr who heroically told the truth, at the moment of truth -- a young girl who will forever after be held as a model and beacon of hope for those who may doubt their faith or convictions.

Maybe there is something we have learned from this tragedy:

If Cassie can stand for her beliefs, how easy it must be for the rest of us to follow her lead, stand with her, and echo her one word refrain -- "Yes."

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