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Daddy's Little Angel
by: Kari Elsik, Source Unknown

A short time ago I wrote a story to Afterhours Inspirational Stories titled My Mother, the Survivor. It was about my beautiful mother. Since then, with Father's Day approaching, I thought that I would recognize the other half of me, my Daddy.

I am 24 years old and I am extremely proud to say that I am still and always will be just that, Daddy's Little Girl. We are thick as thieves. We are buddies and best friends. He is all the security that I will ever need. I feel like we are the closest daddy and daughter on this entire planet. If you have read my story about my mother, you would know all the struggles this man has had to deal with. I feel he has been the rock and sanity for our entire family. He has the toughest job of all as the caretaker. I admire him and look up to him more than any other human being. In my eyes he is immortal, invisible, and plain perfect. I feel so much respect and love for him as a daddy. You can tell by my story on my mother that he has obviously had a lot to deal with. He should be commended and recognized for his terrific duties as a husband and a father both. He has done more for us in his lifetime than he ever has for himself. This is the most unselfish man I have ever known. Family is what he stands for.

I just feel in the depths of my heart that I have the best daddy, because he is a survivor in all this just like my mother. For those who haven't read My Mother, the Survivor, my mother is extremely ill and this horrific fact plagues us every day. In my story I explain how my mother is this incredible survivor and how she has been strong through it all. Well, my father is a survivor too. They both are the strongest people I know. I feel like he needs the recognition for his terrific display of parenting. This man is the very reason that this family has managed to be survivors. For that and all the other amazing, heroic things he has done for us, as a family, I would like to say 'Thank you'.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! This story is from me to you. This is my Father's Day present to you. I am the luckiest little girl in the history of children to have you as my daddy. We have a special relationship that only we can share and it is important to me that you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I will always be Daddy's Little Angel.

This story is dedicated to Ron, an amazing father and husband.

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