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Missing Dad
by: Jo Ann Parker, Source Unknown

I wrote this poem for a literature class I am taking at college (a challenge in itself at the age of 50!) I don't know where the idea even came from it was just there and certainly expresses some feelings others may share as Father's Day approaches. It is always a sad day for me as I feel badly for my sons. They haven't had a daddy to share the day within years since their daddy decided life was more fun without us. He walked out telling us to think of him as dead because that was how he was going to think of us. So, all of you who have daddy's to love and be loved by please let them know how special they are to you.


When I look at the people
Who are part of my life
They've all made contributions,
But ... something isn't right.

When I line them up together
There is a space that is not complete
One figure isn't equal
It doesn't have a face.

With so many people present
Why am I so sad?
The faceless person standing
Is the one I call "My Dad".

Divorce took him away
When I was only three.
Mommy got remarried
There was a new daddy for me.

He's never been unfair to me
So, why am I so sad?
He's always been there for me
But, I need to know my dad.

I can't go to see him
Thats why I'm so sad
A drunken driver killed him
Now I'll never know my dad.

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