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My Hero
by: Liz Polidan, Source Unknown

Their once lived an angel
Who watched over me day by day
For I once was her little angel
When I went out to play

And when the sun went down
She tucked me into sleep
For she was the one who had the crown
And who will always be mine to keep

She made me laugh and cry with her
And was always my best friend
For one day when I was not to stir
Her life on this earth would end

I spent sleepless nights thinking alone
"Why God did you take my only one?"
and he never answered or called on the phone
"For her time on this earth was done"

My hero conquered her toughest fear
This earth she did adjourn
I know today that she is near
For my angel taught me to learn

One day I know that I will see
My angel, my hero, my mom
I follow her footsteps, for one day I want to be
My angel, my hero, my mom

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