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Easy Does It!
by: Neil Eskelin, Source Unknown

For years, psychology gurus have recommended blowing off steam when you're angry -- as long as no one is harmed. We've been told that hitting a punching bag or throwing our fist into a pillow will help alleviate the tension.

Well, new research indicates that the opposite effect may occur. Your quick-release steam valve may actually increase your anger.

In a study conducted by psychologists from Iowa State University and Case Western Reserve, 700 college students who were insulted by an unseen partner, were placed in a situation where they could direct a blast of noise at the person they believe insulted them.

The control group tried to let off steam by hitting a punching bag for two minutes. It didn't matter. In fact, their responses became even more angry. The findings were reported in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

I am convinced the best way to reduce anger is to take a few deep breaths and let negative feelings dissipate slowly. Blowing your top -- even if no one hears you -- is tough on your nervous system.

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