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To Mother
by: Philip Mattox, Source Unknown

Every year on Mother's Day, my mother always tells us not to give her anything. So me and my brothers and sisters always try to do something for her. Last year my oldest brother sat down and wrote her a poem. It now is framed and is hanging on her living room wall. I thought that other people might like to read it.

To Mother

You Brought us up all our life
Showing us wrong from right
There was times I was upset
But I know now it was good sense.
You kept us warm and kept us fed
You even checked on us when we were in bed.
I never know how much you cared
Till Randy wrecked his bike and hit his head
You came out of the house with your housecoat on
So Randy would not be alone
There are so many mothers in this world
But I have to say you are the best one
There was times you were hard on us, I was mad
But after years went by I am glad
There's times I stop and think
How wonderful it is to have a mother so great
With all you said and did
I'm glad you didn't give up on this kid
So after this I have to say
You are a special mother to this day
So sit down on this beautiful day
'Cause you earned I have to say.

Happy Mothers Day 1998

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