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All I Really Wanted To Say
by: Jim Nasium, Source Unknown

Who is this woman I am talking to
she makes no sense to me
she's not as strong or active
as she used to be.

She sits a lot each day now
in her favorite chair
the little things that bothered her
no longer seem to care.

She talks when she's not spoken to
to someone I can't see
I wonder who is this woman
can someone please tell me.

I wonder who this woman is
that's been around me so very long
she was once young and able
and she was beautiful, and strong
she'd tuck me in my bed at night
when it was dark, and late.

She would cook me the best food
that I have ever ate
but now when I look at this woman
I find myself getting sad.

She is not the same woman
and that makes me mad
this woman is my mother
she's getting very old you know
and when I look into her eyes
I wonder where the years did go
the years that she held me
the years she sang to me
the years she chased me around the yard
as happy as can be.

But now when I talk to her
she doesn't even know my name
to see my mother like this
is driving me insane
and so I sit and write a poem
a poem that is just for you
all I really want to say mom
is Happy Mothers Day
..... and I love you

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