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1 Dollar and 100 Dollar Bill  (by: Author Unknown)
One day, a one dollar bill and a hundred dollar bill got folded together and began talking about their life experiences.
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100 Points  (by: Author Unknown)
A man dies and goes to heaven. Of course, St. Peter meets him at the pearly gates. St. Peter says, "Here's how it works. You need 100 points to make it into heaven.You tell me all the good things you've done, and I give you a certain number of points for each item, depending on how good it was. When you reach 100 points, you get in."
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A Child's Prayer  (by: Author Unknown)
Dear God, are You still awake?Have You got a minute or two?
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A Letter for Mama  (by: Author Unknown)
Sally jumped up as soon as she saw the Surgeon come out of theoperating room. She said: "How is my little boy? Is he going to be O.K.?When can I see him?"
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A Little Girl's Prayer  (by: Author Unknown)
One night I had worked hard to help a mother in the labor ward; but inspite of all we could do she died leaving us with a tiny premature baby and a crying two-year-old daughter. We would have difficulty keeping the baby alive, as we had no incubator (we had no electricity to run an incubator) and no special feeding facilities.
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All in the Family  (by: Michael Steckel)
One of the situations in the world that really just breaks my heart is that taking place in southern Sudan. The persecution which is happening there is just appalling. Villages are attacked, men are killed and women are violated, and then women and children are sold into slavery.
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Almighty God  (by: Author Unknown)
On a Saturday night several weeks ago, this pastorwas working late at Almighty God Tabernackle, hischurch, and decided to call his wife before he left forhome. It was about 10:00 PM, but his wife didn't answerthe phone. The pastor let it ring many times. He thoughtit was odd that she didn't answer, but decided to wrap upa few things and try again in a few minutes. When hetried again she answered right away. He asked her why shehadn't answered before, and she said that it hadn't rungat their house. They brushed it off as a fluke and wenton their merry ways.
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Alone  (by: Dr. James L. Wilson)
I love the solitude of a Trout stream or a good book, and every now and then, when life gets hectic, I'll say, 'I just wish everyone will leave me alone.'
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An Old Tree  (by: Author Unknown)
Once upon a time there was a leafy tree in a field.Leaves grew densely on the tall branches. The rootswere deeply into the ground.The tree was the most remarkable among the rest.
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Another Way to Win  (by: Rubel Shelly)
Kay Poe and Esther Kim have been best friends since they were sevenyears old. Among other things they have in common, the two young ladiesfrom Houston both compete at the highest levels in taekwondo. How goodare they? Esther and Kay advanced to the finals in the Women's OlympicFlyweight division at the 2000 U.S. Olympic Team Trials on May 20 inColorado Springs.
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