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Main : Death & Dying

Just So You Know You Know  (by: Patrick)
[A man facing death leaves this for his wife] "Your love is priceless, that is the best part of you that nothing could buy, or replace.
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Just Wanted to Talk  (by: Christina M. Abt)
Dear Mom,
It's now two months since your passing.
I survived your funeral, made it through my first motherless Mother's day and am slowly re-entering everyday life.
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Keep Your Fork  (by: Roger William Thomas)
The sound of Martha's voice on the other end of the telephone always brought a smile to Brother Jim's face. She was not only one of the oldest members of the congregation, but one of the most faithful. Aunt Martie, as all the children called her, just seemed to ooze faith, hope and love wherever she went.
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Miss of Love, The  (by: Troy David Bowden)
The miss of a lost love can darken the soul. Wishing to see her in the moonlight or day can cause pain and it does in my heart. Her walk was of a God and her eyes were of the dove. Lost am I in this world without her. Her touch her sound the kiss of forever and the words that came to be.
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My Brother, My Stranger  (by: Mindy Ritter)
Two different worlds, yet bonded by one man
by the warm touch of our father's hand
I kept him with me, in my life
knowing you needed him through all your struggles and strife
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Never Far Away  (by: Mary M. Green)
I'm gone now, but I'm still very near.
Death can never separate us.
Each time you feel a gentle breeze,
It's my hand caressing your face.
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Night of Remorse, A  (by: Teresa Hildreth)
I had a few drinks, on that late night
"Can I call you a cab?" asked the bartender,
"No," I said "I'm not drunk, not quite."
I stumbled out the door and hopped in my car,
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Peaceful Passage  (by: Jim Graf)
My mom was taken to a nursing home because she was just getting too much for my dad to handle at home. She was undergoing the last stages of emphysema and struggled for every breath. I had gone from Maryland to Northern Illinois five times in as many weeks, helping Dad care for Mom.
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Peggy's Paper Dolls  (by: Casey-Jo Timson)
Brian scanned the walls of the same corridor that had become so familiar to him over the past few years. As he entered through door number thirty-two, a tremendous wave of emotion swept over him, and he had to fight not to drown in it.
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Popsicles  (by: Carrie Hankins)
At age thirteen you would think that you would be the one to inspire a six year old, but actually it was the other way around. Summer had arrived and Vacation Bible School would be starting soon. This year I was to old to be in a class so I decided to volunteer in a class.
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