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Main : Love : Fathers-Children

Green Dino, The  (by: Dan Schaeffer)
I was on my way out of the driveway when my son came running to the car. His face was radiant with joy when he said: "I have something for you, Dad."
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Heart Song  (by: Patty Hansen)
Once upon a time there was a great man who married the woman of his dreams. With their love, they created a little girl. She was a bright and cheerful little girl and the great man loved her very much.
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I Love You, Dad  (by: Michelle Weber)
For all the times I never said, "I Love You, Dad"
So often it may seem as if I have taken you for granted, that I never noticed all that you did for me or the sacrifices you made for my benefit.
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I Never Knew  (by: Cheryl)
My dad has been deceased for quite a while now. Dad was an orphan and dropped out of high school before his second year because he had no school clothes. He worked two jobs all of his life until he retired and even then continued to work one job. Still, there was never a lot of money in our small family.
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It Only Takes a Second  (by: Author Unknown)
A few days ago I got a call from my old college mate whom I haven't seenfor a very long time. The topic, which was about all the good old timesthat we had and about his recent graduation, changed to a touching storywhen he started talking about his father.
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Jenny's Pearl Necklace  (by: Author Unknown)
The cheerful girl with bouncy golden curls was almost five. Waiting with her mother at the checkout stand, she saw them: a circle of glistening white pearls in a pink foil box.
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Kisses to Heaven  (by: Lynelle Dawson)
Sending kisses to Heaven for my Daddy so far.
I will send them to you upon a gossamer star...
And like an angel's wings on air will they glide and soar,
Not stopping 'til they reach you, ne'er a moment before.
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Letters Before the Wedding Day  (by: Poppy)
Dear Dad,
It is almost midnight, Dad, as I write this to you.
It is the last thing on my list, there's nothing else to do.
Tomorrow is my wedding day, and plans are all complete.
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Lunch Bag, The  (by: Author Unknown)
It was Molly's job to hand her father his brown paper lunch bag each morning before he headed off to work. One morning, in addition to his usual lunch bag, Molly handed him a second paper bag. This one was worn and held together with duct tape, staples, and paper clips.
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Missed Opportunities  (by: Nick Lazaris)
"Sweetheart, you look beautiful! Let's take a picture so Mommy can see how special you look." I took the picture and thanked God that I didn't miss the opportunity to reaffirm what a perfect little angel He had given me.
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