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Donkey, a Rooster, and a Lamp, A  (by: Author Unknown)
Rabbi Moshe took a trip to a strange land. He took a donkey, a rooster, and a lamp. Since he was a Jew, he was refused hospitality in the village inns, so he decided to sleep in the woods.
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Elimelech and the Blessing  (by: Jeffery Kanter)
A Bracha, (a blessing), what is a blessing?
We Jewish people have been making blessings for thousands of years. But what is a blessing. Are we giving a blessing to G-d for what he has given us?
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From Yesterday for Today  (by: Dovid Hammerstein)
Scholars, businessmen, leaders - these people of stature the Jewish people haven't lacked. From the leaders and innovators in the biblical times until the present, both in the religious and secular world, we have given more than our proportional share to the benefit of mankind.
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Kindness That Came Back, The  (by: Yisrael Nathan)
America had finally entered World War I. Troops poured into Europe to put an end to the war. The war was in it's final stages. American troops were dispatched through out Germany. The year was 1917.
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Love for Others: A Hasidic Story  (by: Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R.)
A wealthy Jewish merchant treats a poor old man with rudeness and disdain as they travel together on a train.
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Melody of the Torah  (by: Eliezer Cohen)
The ta'am(melody) that the Torah is chanted in is a very old and special melody. It has been handed down from generation to generation. Its' roots are very deep. They are found in the mystical teachings of our religion. Some times people want to be innovative, to create a new melody. The following story is just that.
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My Conversations with God  (by: M. Kuhn)
When I was a little I would lie in bed and have conversations with God. They were actually more like monologues because He never answered. I would cry out to Him because I wanted to know what I had done that made my parents fight all the time.
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Story of Two Seas, The  (by: S. Wasserman)
Visited Israel? If you did, then you know that Israel has two lakes. The one up in the North is the Kinneret, also known as the sea of Galilee, because it is up in the area called the Galilee.
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What Is It All Worth?  (by: David Mandel)
A long time ago, when we lived in Europe, there was a poor Jew. He could never seem to make a decent living. At one stage, he and his poverty stricken family had nothing but debts.
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When Is Bad Good?  (by: Lazer Kogen)
What is good? What is bad?
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