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Real Love  (by: Steve Goodier)
A man was going to the county fair one day with a pig under one arm and a chicken under the one arm, and a basket on his head. He came to a crossroad and didn't know which way to turn. While he stood there deciding, a young woman approached him, heading the same direction.
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True Love Lost, the Best Pain I've Ever Felt  (by: R. J. Misero)
I met the most beautiful special women in the world completely by chance. I was on a military deployment in Hungary; she is an American English teacher who was there teaching Hungarian high school students American literature and English.
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True Story of Courage and Love  (by: David L. Kuzminski)
Walking down a path through some woods in Georgia, I saw a water puddle ahead on the path. I angled my direction to go around it on the part of the path that wasn't covered by water and mud. As I reached the puddle, I was suddenly attacked!
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Wallet, The  (by: Author Unknown)
As I walked home one freezing day, I stumbled on a wallet someone had lost in the street. I picked it up and looked inside to find some identification so I could call the owner.
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